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5 Element Meridian Massage


This combines massage to stimulate both the Neuro-Vascular and the Neuro-Lymphatic system of the body. 

A simple and effective way of assisting and maintaining a good effective flow of the Lymphatic system. 

By holding the Neuro-Vascular points this may help to improve blood circulation.

This massage is achieved fully clothed and can have therapeutic effects, leaving you feeling relaxed and calm as well as being balanced.

Further support is given by working with the energy of Crystals and nuggets that link to energy patterns in the body systems linked to the meridians and energy of the body, the law of the 5 elements.

The 5 Elements Theory dates back to 400bc in China.

Please note all therapies do not give medical diagnostic or treatment. Your G.P is medically responsible for your care. None of the information given is intended to substitute medical recommendations.


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