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Founded by Philip Raferty, RESET works by balancing the Jaw. This in turn may help to address other imbalances in and around the body. 

The Jaw can be balanced. 

If it is too tight or not enough, the muscles and ligaments around the Jaw may be improved with RESET.


RESET is a simple invasive system of relaxing the Jaw muscle enabling the Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) to reset. TMJ influences the body as a whole including the skeletal, muscular and nervous system and hydration.

If you feel pain in the Jaw, clench your teeth, RESET may help you.

It also may help reduce stress allowing the body to rebalance and improve the function of the body.

Please note all therapies do not give medical diagnostic or treatment. Your G.P is medically responsible for your care. None of the information given is intended to substitute medical recommendations.


If you would like more information please contact me using the form below. 

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