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My name is Anne-Marie Burke and I am a registered Kinesiologist and Associate Naturopath based in Northamptonshire. 

I have been practicing holistic therapies for many years. I have always been interested in Natural ways to maintain health, both for the Mind and the Body. 

I was drawn to Kinesiology firstly for my own curiosity and being able to improve and maintain my own health as well as pass this information onto family and friends.

After the initial 1st level I was hooked and felt I would like to dive deeper into the practice. Which I did. And here I am almost 20 years later still very passionate and now have my own practice. 



KFRP (Kinesiology Federation Registered Professional)

Dip Classical Kinesiology

NNA Nutritional Advisor 

VTCT. Indian Head Massage

ER4YT. Nutrition Advisor  

5 Element Massage 

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